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Early pregnancy information. 2 pink lines – what do you do next?

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Potential problems in surrogacy (by Dr. Deepika Garg)

DHEA treatment for infertility,


Tubal ligation reversal

Premature menopause.

Recent stories (go to the story menu):

Cole Jeannette’s story – – After being told she is post menopausal at just 34, Cole Jeannette decides to do some of her own research – and it works!

Brit’s story – – Brit moves on to donor embryos after several failed IVF cycles.

Holly’s story – Holly’s lifelong wish to become a surrogate mother is fulfilled.

Tami’s story – Tami is diagnosed with high FSH and told to move on to donor eggs.

Claudia’s story – Claudia’s story of a missed diagnosis of endometriosis.

Lorraine’s story– Lorraine and her husband go through IVF, after having conceived their first child without ART (assisted reproductive technology).

Fiona’s story – Fiona battles secondary infertility.

Patrice’s Story – Patrice Behrend of Love’s Journey shares her amazing story!

UpdatedJen’s story – go on, get yourself a good, happy cry!

Rachel’s story (Rachel created this website)

Susan’s story – Susan starts trying to conceive at age 40. Despite doctors’ pessimism, Susan is successful!

Brandy’s story – Brandy shares her story of being a donor conceived individual.

Featured stories

Katherine’s story – currently in the midst of her second pregnancy as a traditional surrogate – fascinating!

Alex’s story – Alex talks about her experience as an egg donor.

Gina’s story -Contemplating egg donation, responses from other women in similar situations.

Annie’s story(Annie tells about her decision to become an egg donor.

Kaleigh’s story(Kaliegh, now 18 tells what it’s like to be born as a result of sperm donation.

Terri’s story – After early miscarriages and a diagnosis of premature menopause, Terry goes on to egg donation… and then on to a natural pregnancy!

Angelina’s storyCoNGraTULatIOnS! After a string of miscarriages, Angelina and her husband just became parents to triplets!

Liane’s story – Born from donor insemination, Liane shares her feelings.

Stacy’s story – With premature menopause at age 25, Stacy’s identical twin sister donated an ovary to her!

Jim’s story A surprising update to Jim’s DI story.

Welcome to Fertility Stories!
Trying to conceive is exciting, but it can also be stressful. For some of us, it is not as quick or simple as we had hoped. Infertility includes a painful realization that our body doesn’t always work the way we expected it too, that even without our knowledge, something so significant be hiding from us.

With today’s technology, more and more women & couples are successfully raising children. Even those with severe fertility problems have options including:

Some stories in this site are success stories, some portray the difficulties & emotions encountered during the struggle, others are inspirational…

Whether you’re starting fertility treatment soon, are in the midst of it or considering your options, we hope these infertility stories will benefit you!

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