Maya's Story
Posted Nov 5, 2005. Last updated June 18, 2006.

I have read a number of amazing stories on this site but have so far, yet to come across one from an intended grandmother who has gone through the agonising process of infertility with a precious daughter. I am sharing my story in the hope that it will help other intended grans to cope with this extremely difficult process.

My precious daughter Maya married her handsome prince several years ago. She had a fairytale wedding and we were all ecstatic for her, as a family. We all dreamed of the little family they woud have together.

Sadly, my precious childs' dreams were shattered, on hearing from her fertility specialist, whom she had visited, after unsuccessfuly trying to fall pregnant for a year, that her husband had no sperm. Once again, she had to pick herself up, and they decided to try firstly AI, and if not successful IVF. Shortly after this they discovered she had endometriosis and they operated successfuly. One month later she was pregnant with her first AI, we were joyful beyond belief and I went out and purchased lots of things for this dearly beloved {already} first grandchild. Sadly, she miscarried at 11 weeks. We were all shattered and it seemed to take us months of dealing with the grief to start having hope again.

They tried AI twice more, but were unsuccessful. It is now a year later and two weeks ago she had her 1st IVF cycle. They transferred two healthy eggs and she will know tomorrow whether she is pregnant or not. This has been incredibly draining for her and I pray with all my heart and soul that tomorrow will be a positive day for my precious child.

Update from Nov. 6, 2005:

I posted my story a few days ago. I spoke about my daughter Maya's painful struggle to conceive and how we were waiting with baited breath for the results of her blood test on the 5th November.

Our prayers have been answered, she is expecting (possibly twins) in July 2006. This was the happiest day of their lives and mine. I thank God with all my heart and soul, and pray for her to have a trouble free, and blessed pregnancy. God willing, my precious daughter will soon experience the glorious joy of motherhood!

Update from Dec. 9, 2005:

Maya's almost three months and is having a myraid of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms which I'm sure will pass soon. Her doctor is very happy with the progress and she and her hubby have proudly displayed the scans on the fridge door. It does my heart good to see them both so happy. Did I tell you that she's having twins? We're so excited!

Update from March 27, 2006:

Its a few months since I communicated, but I thought I should let you know that Maya is now going into her seventh month of pregnancy and is extremely well, and looking forward to the birth of her twins {a girl and a boy}. She really is in top form, has loads of energy and is completely over the initial nausea.

I've had loads of fun helping her with the nursery, and cant wait to see my precious grandchildren.

Update from June 3, 2006:

I'd like to let you know that my precious child is almost into her 36th week of pregnancy. As she's carrying twins {a boy and a girl} she's been advised that they will probably arrive around the 37th week. We're so incredibly proud of her, she is strong and fit, although a little breathless from time to time {quite normal under the circumstances!} We can't wait to say hello to the little ones who are now around 2kgs, have strong but very different little heartbeats and are obviously very happy in their current domain!

Update from June 18, 2006:

Our prayers have been answered, Maya gave birth to my two precious grandchildren. They are perfect and so beautiful, we feel so blessed and grateful for the miracle that has taken place in our family.

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