Jen's Story
Posted June 3, 2005 - updated Feb 15, 2010

My name is Jen and I am 23 years old. My husband Roberto will be 26 in October. We have been trying to concieve since we got married 2 yrs ago. We thought, no problem, no more condoms, no more birth control. We are so young, this will happen automatically! We started dreaming of baby names, timing my ovualtion, and after making love, wondering when the baby would be born etc.

After 6 months with nothing happening, I went to my OBGYN. Everything on my end was great. Blood tests, ovulation, no blocked tubes etc. They suggested we keep trying for the rest of the year and go from there.

A year and a half into our journey, my husband finally went for a semen anaylsis. Ill never forget the day they called me at work and said, "We need to talk to you both, when can you come in?" My heart sank. We had a low sperm count with bad morphology. All I could hear is low sperm count.

Our next step was to for my husband to see a urologist, we waited 2 hours for the man to just look at his testicles and to instruct him to start taking the sperm improvement drug, Proxeed. "Take this for 4 months, at $130 a month and come see me and we will go from there."

4 months came and went, and the count now was even lower! After seeing me starting to tear up, the doctor proceeded to tell us that in these four months, we hadn't lost anything. We were infertile and we should expect this. I wanted to choke him!

We are now waiting to see an actual fertility doctor to see what options are best for us. I never thought that at 23, I would be reading about IVF, sperm injections etc. We are simply heartbroken. We both pray things will turn out better for us and finally see those 2 lines and be pregnant.

Update from Dec. 9, 2005

I shared my story just after my husband was diagnosed with a low sperm count and we were waiting to begin IVF.

On September 4th, we found out that we were pregnant! Our first cycle was successful and I am in my 18th week of pregnancy.

Update from Oct. 5, 2006

On May 19th 2006 at 5:54 pm I gave birth to my lovely son Lorenzo weighing in at 9lbs 2 oz, 21 inches long. He's so handsome I can barely handle it. After going through IVF, every single shot, ultrasound and after 7 months of morning sickness... I am so grateful for his sweet spirit.

To all those trying or going through IVF, please keep your head up, its so worth it.

Update from June 17, 2009

I told my story almost 3 yrs ago. After undergoing IVF at 23, I had my son Lorenzo in May 2006. Its been a long road trying to give him a sibling and for me and my husband to complete our family. Being the oldest of 4 and my husband the middle of 3, we never wanted our son to be our only child. From my original IVF cycle we had 2 embryos frozen and attempted to implant them in April of 2008, sadly the morning of the transfer they died. With the help of a new doctor at a more affordable cost, and with the help of our parents, we are almost ready for retrieval and transfer for my IVF cycle. I came back to this website to read the stories as I am going thru all this again - all with the same hope and joy with becoming pregnant. It never ceases to amaze me how many woman take the journey with endless needles, and blood draws all for the same common goal that so many can just attain and so many do not appreciate as we see so many unwanted and harmed children in this world. So for all the ladies out there - add 1 more person to pray for on your list. I always pray for the infertile - its a sadness that is ever growing. I look forward to posting a positive update. Thanks for reading :)

Update from Feb 15, 2010

My final update. When I found this site almost 4 yrs ago, It was the only thing I felt I could relate to. When everyone around you either has children or gets pregnant without any hesistation.. you feel defective, at least I did especially at 23 yrs old.

I am almost 28 now and I never thought I would know the ropes of IVF inside and out. I am so happy to say that after seeing a new doctor at a more affordable cost, My IVF cycle in June of 2009 was a complete sucess. Our twin daughters Isabella Marie and Sophia Grace are scheduled to arrive via c section ( love those breech babies) February 25th 2010 at 1:00 pm to complete our family, joining our 3 yr old son Lorenzo and end our fertility struggles. I never thought we would have 1 child, let alone be blessed with 3. Its taken me a long time to realize maybe why my road to motherhood took this route. I used to think it was a test God was giving me, now I know it was just a different path that was given to me. It didnt change the fact that me being a mother was something that I would find the best joy in all my life. No matter what I went thru, or how great my husband has been, it was always a fear that it was my fault. Maybe its because its almost over as I feel my daughters move all thru my belly with barely 10 days to go, but I know I will always remember ALL the shots, all the ultrasounds and all the love it took to get us here.. all of us here .. together as a complete and happy family.