Poems for a Surrogate Mother

Our Chance
(c) 2005 Fertility Stories Staff

Our hope and dreams
Lie within you,
Kicking and turning,
Keeping you up at night
And tired all day.

For us you are a fantasy come alive,
So giving and selfless, warm and caring.
Our admiration for you knows no end.
The fruit you will bear is our future.
Our present is filled with anticipation and wonder.

As you grow (more beautiful each day),
know that our thoughts are with you.
That our hearts beat with yours
And our eyes will cry your tears.

Our world is brighter and happier.
Thank you for making it that way.



The Incredible Gift
(c) 2007 Fertility Stories Staff

From the moment we fell in love,
We decided to share our lives
With a special girl or boy
Who would brighten our days and share our happiness.

We imagined the tender moments
The first smile and laugh
Bathing, holding, cuddling and feeding
Rolling around on a blanket in the park…

As our dream seemed to fade
And time passed without our little one
It was hard to keep believing
That her/his arrival would ever be so near

To find the wonderful woman
Who could help our dream come true
Relit our flame of hope
And now, as you carry our little one, our dream,
The one who will someday call us mom and dad,
We thank you for giving us this incredible gift
And for making this a very special mother's day.

Happy Mother's Day!


A poem from a Traditional Surrogate to the child on her Naming Day
by Katherine

The Love

You, oh you
The child of my body
The child of your Mum and Dad’s soul
They called you here
And you came.
There was never any doubt.
They called you here in Love
The Love
So much Love.
But you already knew that.

Wise old soul
You have been here before
You are as old as Atlantis
Still, you were called
So you came.
Was there ever any doubt?
Reincarnated by Love
The Love
So much Love.
But you already knew that.

You have gifts
Those beautiful Love bubbles
You make people feel whole again
Eyes that read hearts
Wow, you came.
There was never any doubt.
You heal us all with Love
The Love
So much Love.
But you already knew that.

You knew, yes?
Before you had arrived
The child of your Parent’s soul
How much you’re Loved
So you came.
There was never any doubt.
Bask, little one, in Love
The Love
So much Love
But you already do that.


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